About PMD

How the mastermind behind PMD - Dr Victor Fung, Chairman of the Fung Group - envisions the program.
Coaches help athletes envision and reach their peak performance. We do the same - we help Management Associates envision a road to leadership.
PMD - a talent acquisition and management development program that builds not just a career, but a future.
The first step where candidates fit their talents and aspirations into our business.

Talent Development

We know what it takes to groom entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow. They explore the world, and connect with people. Initial Development aims just at these.
We do not take job placement as mere match-making. We take time to see into the talents, and assess whether they can contribute to the growth of the business, and as importantly - vice versa.
Kaizen - the concept of continuous improvement. Not only is it an essential part of quality management but it is a spirit woven into the development of Management Associates.
From good to great - not only does it take natural talent, but also guidance on what path to take, which is exactly what we do to help Management Associates reach new heights.
While others take time and chance to learn through trial and error, our senior executives are prepared to guide Management Associates through the PMD journey - be it storms or slopes.

The PMD Experience

The PMD Experience

Management Associates are exposed to our global supply chain - different regions, cultures, businesses, and most importantly, people.
Management Associates share their experience on one of the essential yet exciting features of Initial Development - Business Rotational Assignments.
How Management Associates feel about their current jobs - experience in the real playing field.
How Management Associates have contributed to drive changes in the Group.

Applying for PMD

Our ideal candidate

Entrepreneur • Family • Humble

We hire people for character and train them for skills. In PMD, we hire people with these values and attributes.

Selection process

When we source, we source from quality vendors; when we hire, we hire with scrupulous care.


The future starts now. What you will become depends on what you decide now. Apply for PMD and let your entrepreneurial journey begin.